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That's Me up there!! That is my 1st Agility Title.
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Here I am playing flyball.

My name is Haley and I am part Doberman (the smart, fast and lean part), and part Retriever (don't ask me to swim though). I'm 10 years old and I still really enjoy flyball, Frisbee, and keeping the other dogs in the house in line.

I was a rescue dog when my Rob got me. He was going to PetsMart for cat food, not expecting to go home with a dog, but the moment I saw Rob, I knew he would be a pushover for my "I'm so cute" look. As usual, it worked.

I don't know what I needed to be "rescued" from, but I like my new home a lot. Rob was lucky to find me anyway because I wasn't planning on staying with the rescue people for long.

Some of my favorites things to do are chew, play with my other dog friends, flyball, Frisbee, chew, go to school, and chew. Did I say I like to chew? I have titles in agility and flyball, and I have partial titles in obedience and Frisbee. I'm also a therapy dog. 

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These are some of the obstacles I used do in agility. I'm retired now but my favorite was the tunnel. The teeter totter was lots of fun too. Here are some pictures of me at an agility match I went to. Beep and Dino both do agility now, although Beep is much better at it than Dino and already has her NA title.

I still do flyball and on July 8th, 2007, I finally earned my ONYX title. That means I've earned 20,000 points in flyball. Rob was very proud of me. I just wanted to go run some more.

Thanks to PJ and Sandy at Best Paw Forward, Inc. for all of the training they have given me. If you're a wild dog like I was, you should talk to them. They are teaching me how to control myself and make my owner proud of me. I've also made lots of friends there. I love playing with Candy, Cognac, Rusty, Sampson, Peaches, Miles, all of my other friends and all of the puppies who visit.

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